Friday, November 16, 2012

How to get ride of toothache (teeth pain) at home

There are a few home remedies that you can try to get rid of your tooth ache. One of them (or the best of them that works good for me) is to place a piece of onion in the area of the tooth ache. Just cut a small piece of onion and put it in your mouth near where the sore tooth is. Just bite down on the onion and keep it in your mouth for a while. You should start to notice the pain go away. Again this is just a temporary solution and it does come with the unpleasant necessity of having to walk around with an onion in your mouth.
Some other tips maybe more useful
Here are some of the most effective tips on how to get rid of a toothache fast:

Use Tea Tree Oil Drops
Find a bottle of tea tree oil and a clean medicine dropper. With care, put 3-4 drops of the oil onto the affected tooth/teeth and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Tea tree oil has very good healing and antibacterial properties which would help alleviate the pain and kill the bacteria. This substance is safe to use and ingesting a very small amount of it will pose any danger to your health and well being at all.

Garlic or Onion Filling
If you have a cavity that you suspect has become infected, one of the things you can do is to prepare a filling using garlic or onion. You only need a very small amount of either one which needs to be squashed or finely chopped. Make sure that the entire cavity is filled and leave it on for about an hour or so. Repeat the process until the pain subsides or until you get the chance to see a dentist. Onion and garlic have antibacterial properties and they also pack a lot of antioxidants that help flush out harmful free radicals.

Saltwater Gargle
This one is very simple as you only need about 6-8 tablespoons of salt and about a cup of water. Just wait for the salt to completely dissolve before you gargle the solution for about 1-2 minutes. Repeating the process a few times may be necessary to make the pain subside significantly. Kosher salt is best to use but any type of salt will do if you do not have it at home. Be careful not to ingest the solution as it can cause some discomfort particularly if you have a less than stellar kidney and/or liver function.

Keep in mind that while these home remedies are very effective, there is no substitute for a real toothache treatment provided by a dentist. Should none of these work, make sure to see a dentist the soonest possible time.
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